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Florianópolis natural beauties fascinate everyone. Forty-six islands compose the archipelago. Thirty-two of them belong to the county, and sum more than 100 beaches distributed along the islands and the mainland. Besides many other attractions, like the trendy Lagoa da Conceição and the calm Lagoa do Peri, the traditional Historic Center, the busy Avenida Beira-Mar, the bucolic Santo Antonio de Lisboa’s Azorian style neighborhoods and Ribeirão da Ilha, and the grand colonial style fortresses.

Not to mention the museums, churches, theaters and the postcard of the city: the Hercílio Luz Bridge. Santa Catarina’s capital gathers mysteries and legends for more than 6 thousand years: from rock art, passing through indigenous records, reaching witchcraft tales and myths and Franklin Cascaes’s spells, which are told by the ancient residents.

The city has a fairly cropped coast of 172 km, which surrounds the 54 km of length and 18 km of width, in a total of 433 km2 divided between island and mainland.

Establishment: March 23rd 1726
Area: 436.5 km²
Height: 3 m
Population: approximately 470.000 habitants



Discover the main tourist attractions


Campeche Island

South of the Island, in front of the Campeche Beach

Access by boat from this beach (10min), Armação (45min), or Barra da Lagoa (1h15min). The island comprehends a North-South extension of 1.5 thousand meters and East-West of 500 meters. When landing on the narrow Praia da Enseada, either by a floating trapiche or directly in the shallow sea, the blue color of the calm waters jumps to the eyes and matches with the exuberating green of the hills.


Conceição Lagoon

20 km from downtown, access via SC-404

In the district of Itacorubi and Morro da Lagoa. Coming from the airport (13 km), access by Tavares River (SC-405). If the beaches give life to the city, the Conceição Lagoon is the very soul of Santa Catarina’s capital. Located at the Island’s geographic center, the Lagoon is the meeting point of all tribes. It also is the place chosen by hippie chicks and jet setters to enjoy the cafes and watch the landscape through their sunglasses.




Lagoa do Peri

South of the Island, 22 km from downtown Florianópolis

With a water mirror of 5 squared kilometers, the lagoon is an excellent place for bathing. The scenery enchants with its natural beauties. The shades of the vegetation are ideal for a picnic, walk, or rest. There is a small playground for the children.




Costa da Lagoa

North of Conceição Lagoon

There are several rare species of trees, birds, and animals. A community that preserves it’s Azorean roots, the Costa da Lagoa is only accessible by boat or by trails from Canto dos Araçás, Monte Verde or Ratones (check the Trips – Trails). The boats depart every hour from the sugar mill next to the Lagoa da Conceição’s bridge, and the trip takes around 40 minutes.




Jurerê Internacional

North of the Island, 23 km from downtown, via SC-401

Besides the nature framing this residential district, Jurerê Internacional has a complete service infrastructure, from nightclubs to luxury hotels. What about an open-air shopping center? In Jurerê, it is possible to check the show windows of renowned brands and, at the same time, feel the sea breeze.




Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Towards the North of the Island, 13 km from downtown Florianópolis, via SC-401

Surrounding the Santo Antônio viaduct to Padre Lourenço Rodrigues de Andrade Street, which gives access to the district. For those who enjoy tasting the typical and traditional flavors of places, trying Santo Antonio’s options is a great choice.




Ribeirão da Ilha

South of the Island, 36 km from downtown Florianópolis

Access by Via Expressa Sul, through SC-405. Ribeirão da Ilha is composed by a group of small beaches, the most extensive being around 700 meters. It sheltered the first Florianópolis indigenous community (carijós). Its name derives from the little river, which passes through the place. It is famous for its narrow streets and colonial mansions, with colorful fronts, ideal for a walk.




Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim Fortress

Anhatomirim Island, North Bay

Designed to be the main fortification of the Santa Catarina Island’s old defense system, the Anhatomirim Fortress did not help during the Spanish invasion in 1777 for one simple reason: the invaders did not arrive with their ships in the North Bay, instead, they preferred to land in Canasvieiras and to walk to the ancient headquarters of Desterro.




Hercílio Luz Bridge

Jornalista Assis Chateaubriand Street, 70, Downtown

The link between the Capital and the rest of the State, the steel suspension bridge (which weights 5 thousand tons) served the population uninterruptedly until January 22nd 1982, when was interdicted due to deterioration of its eyebolts.




Historic Center

Conselheiro Mafra Street, 255, Downtown

A Babel with time to open and (no so much) time to close. That is the Florianopolis Public Market, with its footwear, accessories, pans and pots, clothing, stationary, decoration, crafts, produce, cereals, trinkets for all uses and services, fish stalls, prawns, squid, octopus, oysters and what ever the sea has to offer.




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